hvad betyder waist Student and Academy Council

Have an influence on your programme.

Student Council

min side sunweb Most of the programmes at the Academy have their own Student Council. The Student Council allows you to have a say on your programme and organises social activities across classes . Each class elects two representatives to represent them in the Academy Council.

Academy Council

jonas kaufmann uofficielle hjemmeside The Academy Council is your opportunity to have a direct say on your daily life as a student at Business Academy Aarhus.

3 retters menu ud af huset The Academy Council's primary job is to create good relationships for all the students, across all programmes at the Academy. This is done by planning academic and social arrangements for all students, for example joint activities, lectures, parties, intro week etc. The Academy Council is able to influence the educational environment at the Academy via the two members who are on the Academy's board.

rotter under gulve Members are chosen or apply for membership, and we strive to represent as many programmes as possible. The members then elect a chairman and a vice-chairman who are then responsible for drafting agendas and the minutes of meetings, etc. They work closely with an employee representative from the Academy.

taske med kæder The Academy Council normally holds two meetings per semester. 

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itunes account login You can contact the Academy Council by e-mail: street fight videos or Café and Event Manager, Morten Bo Jakobsen (bifloder til mosel)